Apr 1, 2008

So I Have This Middle Child.....

Cody. It's Cody.

A few weeks ago the youth group put on a fantastic presentation, each group having a specific social message/cause they were supporting. Cody's partner ended up going out of town. His adult leader got sick. That left Cody to speak on his own.

I'd tell you my Cody shrugged it off and said "whatev, no big deal." Mmmhmm, I would....

So anyway, after push, pulling and dragging him by his hair he hopped into his car and drove out there to do his thing. Now... would it be too puke proud mom to say he was AMAZING? That his voice was confident and loud and he knew his stuff, worked the audience and should be a speaker all the time--no---should be a speaker every night, maybe on the radio..no wait, on television...prime time, wait! prime time tv slash radio slash public speaking events because he was THAT dang good!?

Yeah, you're probably right, that'd be kind of weird. A little Texas Cheerleader Mom-ish. So....I'll tell you he did okay. I guess. Eh...sort of. (he rocked)

The red head in the foreground is my other boy, Baby Alex. I can still lift him, so he's the baby.
The information table after the presentations. This is his "My mom is the best mom in the whole wide world look". You see it, too, don't you.
That same week, he started that new job I mentioned. Here he is in his little lifeguard outfit. He likes the job. Probably even better when he finally gets his first check. I'm sure he'll buy me stuff then. Lots of stuff. Okay, maybe he's not that dedicated. But he can buy his own gas and insurance now! It's the same thing in the end--I'm making my shopping list in my head as I write this.

I think he likes that I pose him up against that wall for pictures whenever he does something exciting.

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kailani said...

Maybe we'll see him with his own late night talk show one day! What a proud moment for you!

mamichelle said...

Wow, congrats to Cody! That's fantastic. There aren't many kids his age who are comfortable giving a big speech!

edb said...

Cody rocks.

Enough said.


Misty Dawn said...

Hehehe - you always make my day. You are a rockin' mom and your kids are so awesome (oh, and Johnny rocks too, of course). I just think your family is awesome!

Way to go Cody!!! He's totally better than me, because - ummm nope - I don't do the public speaking thing (well not without puking or passing out)

Stacey said...

Kailani, look for him!

Mamichelle, thank you, I'll pass it onto him

edb (that's Cody's youth pastor)--so do you. And note that handsome youth pastor in the background...I purposely did not crop you.

Mist, something tells me you could do it! Loved talking to you this morning!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

First off...YEAH CODY!!! He's so awesome. And wow, your flash really makes Alex's head red!

Finally...you got to talk to Misty?! Misty...I'm jealous...I'm still waiting for Stacey to call me back from Saturday. Love you, Gidget!

Angela Williams Duea said...

Way to go Cody! That's really hard. You have a right to be darn proud of him.

Stacey said...

JenGi, it does look redder than red, doesn't it, lol? Yeah, Mist and I call each other every morning now--that's why I haven't called back. Can't do it all, you know. Pshhh..AIM, we talked on AIM..your green is showing. (hee)

Angela, thank you--and yes, I really am proud of that boy. He's truly a good kid. I think He knew I needed a break between, lol.

D... said...

You know, I could tell Cody rocked it in his pictures. He gives off such confidence. Congrats!! Enjoy this proud moment. :)

What social message/cause is he supporting?

Mrs. C said...

You know you run a clean blog when your youth pastor reads it LOL!

Go Cody!

Anonymous said...

Cody does rock! Good for him for getting up in front of a group, on short notice. No way would I do that, that takes a lot of courage. Good for him, he looks totally comfortable.

Love him in the Life Guard uniform. He looks so handsome. He really is grown up! I bet he really will love that job.

He looks so much like you. You sure do have some beautiful children!!!


Cathi said...

These are the moments we went through 9 months of pregnancy and labor and delivery for!!! Oh we went through all that to have someone to get the cat out of the tree and clean out the rain gutters too!
I love reading your posts. You make me smile!!

Bubba's Sis said...

Yay for Cody!! Be proud, Mama - be proud!

Kim said...

All little boys grow up way to fast. I'm seeing it myself all the time and Sam is only 8.

You've got a wonderful boy.