Feb 22, 2008

Turns Out I'm Not A Flop, I'm Gettin The Boot!

I really really wanted to be flip flops like my friend Kathleen.....but turns out I'm cowboy boots. And I do believe this fits me better after all! And because a few of my Texan friends kinda like Dirty Ted this song, I think I'll end the weekend with a replay!


You Are Cowboy Boots

This doesn't mean you're country, just funky.

You've got a ton of attitude and confidence.

You're unique, expressive, and even a little bit wacky.

You wear whatever you feel like รข€“ and you have your own sense of style.
You are straight shooting and honest. You tell people how it is.

Low maintenance and free wheeling, you're always up for an adventure.

You should live: Where you can at least get to wide open spaces

You should work: In a job that allows you to take change


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Cowboy boots and flip flops are great together! We are an awesome team!

D... said...

I am flip flops. Hate the game,not the player. Ok, Stacey? :P

I wanna be a cowboy and you can be cowgirl....I'll be singing this all night. Hee!

Jim & Jami said...

Hay darlin`, I am bare feet, I don't think there is a song for that one.....

Marie said...

I'm bare feet too.

Misty Dawn said...

Yep, I think it fits you pretty well

Anonymous said...

I'm clogs. How did I end up clogs? I'm suppose to be grounded!
Well, it was a fun quiz, thanks for sending me that way Ms. Cowboy Boots.....When I lived in Nashville, I could have got you a very good deal too!

pinks & blues girls said...

I think cowboy boots suit your personality perfectly!!

Ride 'em, cowgirl!! :)

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Stacey said...

Kathleen, I wholeheartedly agree, we're a match!

D, nevah hate you my dear, but I can still covet your flops, right?

Jami--if there is one, I'll find if for ya! (And for Marie!)

Eileen, I think that only means we need to meet up in Nashville, what do you think?

Awww Jane girl, I've missed ya! Did you do this too?

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...


Can you believe I'm a flip-flop?!?

I'm not sure I quite agree with the following:
"You are a loyal and true person, though you can be a bit of a flake.
You tend to "play hooky" and blow off responsibilities a lot more than most people."

A flake?!?! Excuse me but I call that my innocent moment.

Nathan said...

I am a flip flop. I lived in San Diego for a year so I fell good about that!


Stacey said...

JenGi, that's why I love you so. You can explain me away and it sounds so plausible! You can wear my boots anytime.

Nathan, I think I'd have envisioned you a flip flop or a bare foot....the hair. Dreds and boots, idk.

Bubba's Sis said...

I'm flip flops, too, and it describes me quite well! As D knows, I really don't like shoes at all. I'd just as soon be barefoot.

Bubba's Sis said...

P.S. I DO love this song! Makes me feel quite dirty. As we all do sometimes.

Stacey said...

B.S there's no doubt about it....you are a package and that makes it EVEN BETTER!!!!! I love my flip flop friends.

Sharon said...

Late the party I am - fashionably late of course. Sadly I'm am loafers "confident, powerful, and successful" ... sounds a bit boring among all the fun flip-flops and bare feet and cowboy boots. I don't even own a pair of loafers because I've yet to find a pair with 3 inch heels :-)