Jan 22, 2008

You Can Pretty Much Do Everything Online

When my husband decided to pursue his MBA, he investigated doing some if not all of his work online. For him, it would be convenient and piqued his techno-driven brain's interest. Me? I was just glad to have more at home time with him. I'd already put in years of single parenting in the evenings while he completed his Bachelors Degree. This would open up so many more opportunities for him, while at the same time preserve our family time as much as possible!

When I read that Columbia Southern University (CSU) offers courses online now and thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to share our personal experience with online college degrees. Enrolling for classes at Columbia Southern University is easy, the enrollment is open. Tuition is a tough word to swallow, I know. You might find it a little easier on the pocketbook at CSU and you'll be pleasantly surprised to know textbooks are included. If you've investigated college lately, you know the cost of a semester's textbooks will pretty much erase the new clothing budget. And more. Check it out: online mba

Columbia Southern University has an emphasis on the ever-growing E-Business degree, the always in demand Marketing degree, Project Management, Finance, and Health Care Management. Health care is a big industry now and the possibilities are endless, and so much in demand. There are many more courses of study; if you don't see something you're interested included there, check into their site. John and I have considered the possibility of my going back and finishing my degree.

I'm convinced that when I do, it will be online. It just makes sense for our family. And no two ways about it, John getting his MBA was a giant boost to his career. No regrets there.


Laura said...

My husband is in the middle of his MBA, online, too! He did his bachelor's thru 2 different online schools, and decided to go on with the Master's that way, too...Someday I'll get my chance!

Jen said...

Yeah...that's what J's doing. I hate school (online or in real person).

D... said...

When I go back to school, I plan on doing as much of it online too. As a single parent at night, I have no choice or time to do it any other way.

And you aren't kidding about the cost of the textbooks! Eek!

Misty Dawn said...

I'm attending college right now and it is all online. Yup - living in Missouri and attending a college in Wisconsin!