Jan 18, 2008

Weird-O Tag Time

Part two of Shana's post today--the 7 things tag!

Shana laid out rules, and it said I have to link to her, the tagger (so now you have to link to me, the tag-ee turned tagger...you have to, it's the rule, don't make me say 'ahhhmmmmmmmm, I'm telling!'). Then I have to list seven weird things about myself. And tag seven others. She says I have to let them know they've been tagged, too. Geesh, this could be an ongoing even throughout the day for me!

Okay, the seven weird things about me--this is hard because if I thought I was doing something weird, I wouldn't do it, would I? It's kind of subjective, so let me know if it's not weird enough, I can try harder.

  1. My late father's name was James. My late sister's, Jamee. It wasn't until I was out of high school that I ever realized she was named after him--it didn't click! (Personally, I think it's weird nobody mentioned it at home though, idk)

  2. If I've had a particularly rough day and I'm feeling very sorry for myself, I grab Winnie The Pooh from the cabinet and sleep with him. It's a comfort from the safe childhood days. (I have a very good reason for posing with a scarf around my head holding Winnie, don't I Kelly! Right Kell? Kelly?)
  3. I have ongoing lower back pain that began while sledding with my friends at night down a hill off the side of the road in our town. My boyfriend Charles and I sledded right down the hill, right THROUGH the bonfire and went airborne and landed with a thud on my tailbone.

  4. I've never had my nails done, I rarely even file and paint them. Most of my friends do, I just don't know why I don't pull it together. Partly because I type too much to have long nails, partly because I'm lazy, and partly because they'll only be stuck down a toilet within the day anyway.

  5. I cut my own hair, and go in about once a year for an 'adjustment'. And I have two nieces who are in the business, I just don't go. If I see an issue, I grab my handy dandy barber scissors and chop chop chop! Angie, if you're reading this, it might be time soon to take care of that mullet-looking thingy again. I'll call.

  6. I heart Tab, but you already knew that. But I do! And I have ordered more and have 27 cans here at home with me.

  7. If I'm cooking something that calls for Worcester sauce, I always down a tablespoon or two for myself too. Is this wrong?

I have seven people to tag and I'll go ahead and name names, but I'll have to link later on, I need to get to the classroom. I'm tagging:

Misty Dawn



Mom Lady (Wendy)

Misplaced Midwesterner (Kim)

Coming To A Nursery...(Dawn)

And Island Life (Kailani)

Make the weird things very very weird, I need to feel better about myself.

**Niki is home today. We are far from out of the woods, and I think we need your continued prayer even moreso now. Because I believe this is a defining time for the rest of her 'teenaged' years and her relationship with us. Praying for my wisdom and my patience might be good.


Angela WD said...

Hooray! Niki's home!!! I'm sending you patience vibes and I'm very very happy for you!

kailani said...

I would never be able to cut my own hair. I'm too scared to even cut my girls' bangs! hee hee You do a great job of it!

Thanks for the tag. I did an 8 random thingy recently but I'll try to think of 7 more. Might be hard since I'm not that weird . . . hee hee hee

Jen said...

Oh man...Worcheister sauce straight? That puts you over the top. That's beyond weird! Or is it wierd. Hmmmmm....

(About Niki: praying that you will be able to say the right things she NEEDS to hear and that you'll be strong during this time. Love you Stacey!)

Jim & Jami said...

Soooo glad to hear that Niki is home....still praying.....

I have never been tagged before.....I said out loud, with my husband Jim sitting in the room, "How Fun! But I don't know if I can think of seven weird things.", to his reply, "Can I Help?!".....And Yes, My Husband's Name Is James Too, How funny is that, or odd, not sure which.....hmmmmmm. :)

Cat said...

Hey girl, I know I missed again. sorry I have been fighting a cold all week, was in bed. sorry.

Thanks for the Tag,...something fun to blog!! woohoo! will get this done soon.
Keeping you and the whole family in my prayers.. I know it is rough with teenagers, patience and strength are big necessities. LOL

Love you girlfriend!

Mrs. C said...

Stacey, I'm praying for you all. Prayers also God's grace covers mistakes and misunderstandings during this sensitive time as well.

D... said...

Oh, Stacey, I am so happy for you. I will pray for wisdom & patience for you and I will pray for an open heart & open ears for Niki. Things are going to be sensitive & egg-shell walking for awhile. But, she's home! At least for today, she's home!!

You are adorably weird! I was named after my dad too. Trust me, it was mentioned ALL THE TIME growing up. Jamee was lucky that it was kept on the down-low in your house.

Bubba's Sis said...

HOORAY for Niki being home!! Of course I will continue to pray for God to continue to speak to her heart (cuz I KNOW He has been!) and for Him to give you the right words to say. This may be a small step, but it's still a step!

Thank you for not tagging me for this meme, because - as D knows - I'm perfectly normal and there's not one weird thing about me. Heh heh. Yeah, I'M normal and EVERYONE ELSE is weird! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Eileen said...

I am so happy for you and your family that Niki is home. I am praying big time, that it goes well. Sending you lots of patience (wisdom you have).

Your hair looks so good all the time. I can't believe you cut it yourself!!!
Have a good weekend.

Marie said...

I love Worcestershire sauce, that's quite forgiveable IMO.

Misty Dawn said...

Most importantly, you have my prayers - you are always in my prayers.

Second - I love Worcestershire sauce - really, I do!

Third - I'll do my best to get this meme posted soon. Honest, I'll try - but, I'm SO far behind in memes. I know, you just can't believe it, can you!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

I love worcestirererere sauce. Yum. Yeah, right out of the bottle - maybe not THAT much - but yeah :)

I can't possibly come up with 7 weird things about me. Neverrrrrrr! ;)

Eileen said...

Oh yeah, a big yuck on the worcestershire sauce and the Tab. I drank Tab so much in High School and was told myself I just loved it. I really didn't. I do love diet coke and diet pepsi. I can't believe they make Tab still. Where do you find it still?

Loving Winnie the Pooh!! I have him painted on my wall in my office, a huge mural. He is so loving and peaceful. He makes everyone feel better.

I don't have photoshop, but I'm making David get it for me. Then I will want step 2.
Thinking of you this weekend. Hoping all is well.

Jim & Jami said...

Okay, so I posted 7 weird things.....

Wendy said...

I actually think it's cool that you cut your own hair. I don't have that kind of courage!

So glad Niki is back home. It may not be smooth right now, but it's a lot better to have her there so you can communicate and work things out. I'll be continuing to pray for both of you.

Wendy said...

BTW, I've got my weird post up now. Come by and laugh at me when you care to. :)