Jan 5, 2008

An Organized Giveaway!

Okay I think I've got my blogging issues under control. It's not perfect, but I kind of like the new colors. At least until I don't like them anymore! I'm thinking of Spring already. I never thought I'd enjoy learning to tweak a blog template. Several of you emailed me asking me about the photo. I'm guessing it was taken in the Spring just because Jamee is wearing short sleeves.

I'm the big giant head of hair sitting on my daddy's lap, Jamee appears to have found the scissors in the desk behind us. That or our mother might have been trimming bangs while watching The Newlywed Game. Something outrageous was said...and, well, you see the result! She's probably going to thump me when I get to heaven for this photo, but it's worth it. I think her little face is adorable here.

I was just over at Kailani's place. She's doing a giveaway and I'm soo all about giveaways. She's giving away an 'upscale' agenda from momAgenda. All you have to do is comment her, tell her which one you like (head over to momAgenda first). And you can link to her on your blog if you have one.

I did this right away, I'm in love with the Fuchsia planner. Just looking at this I can see my days sailing by smoothly. , 'Oh, you need me to bake a pie for the banquet? Let me just write it in my planner....What's that? Dental appointment..why of course I remember, they're in my fuchsia planner....You want to have lunch? Well, simply because my life is in my new super funky-fuchsia planner, I just so happen to have extra time these days. I'm so organized that I feel I have extra time. Wanna borrow some of mine?'

Okay, maybe it won't go quite like that, but just look at this planner! If I don't win one, I'm quite tempted to buy one. If I remember to. I might not remember. Because it's not as fun remembering in my borrrring planner. If I had this one, I'd remember stuff.

  • This week's MiracleWord readings were good--but I never cease to be amazed at how bad these New Testament characters can be. Some of the things they do makes me blush--that takes a lot of bad! I picture the moment Abraham unties Isaac from the alter and I'd love to have heard what he said to his father. I'm unclear on whether he understood or not--it could have gone either way. Maybe it's clear later on, I don't remember to be honest!

  • It's never too late to jump in, promise. And join in on the forums. I'd love hearing what my friends think about Scripture. And I'll be glad to mail a book to anyone who needs one. It's that good!


D... said...

Loving the new look! Great job!

I have a pic of me with the same bangs as Jamee. I was 16 tho. :/

Marie said...

I find planners intimidating. The thought of even being busy enough to write something on my calendar makes my hyperventillate. Hold on, gotta find my paper bag...

eagle wild said...

I ain't very good at woman talk
But I do love to see how you look
"If eyes were made for seeing
"Then beauty is the excuse for being" /Rutherford

Anonymous said...

I love your "new look." I especially love the picture at the top of you and Jamee sitting with your Daddy. It is such a sweet picture, I love the looks on both your faces.

I'll have you know I have that exact planner. I LOVE it. Hannah bought it for me, she thought I needed to be a more styling mom. It is so pretty, so bright, everytime I take it out, it makes me smile. Normally, I have the typical black planners. I love it so much I bought a little address book, that matches it. Fuchia is funky and is a good pick me up color. If you don't win it, I will send you one. We all need to own a fuchsia planner. Makes life complete...lol.


Jen said...

Yeah! Your header definitely looks good with this template. You're gettin' so techno!

Ok...time to head over to that contest and see if my new blog names works. But then again YOU've signed up for it so I'll probably still lose. But I'm up for a challange now...

Any scuttle-butts on the forum yet? Maybe I should come over and talk about tongues and intrepretation and get everybody stirred up!

Misty Dawn said...

Love the new look Stacey, and I love the photo!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you win the planner!

kailani said...

The pink one is my favorite, too. Good luck!

Cat said...

Hey girl, wow you have been busy!!! Love the look! and Love you!!!

I miss you and was looking for you at church yesterday!!!! :( we need to get together, I WILL BE THERE WEDNESDAY!!!!! PROMISE...will you?

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

kailani done broke her blog, so i couldn't go over and check out the giveaway - do you know when it ends?

love the new look ;0

zachary broke my shift key - argh!

well, he only broke the left one, apparently.

in any case, hi staceyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!