Jan 2, 2008

Back At The Trophy Case

Trinity kicked me into gear here and sent me over not one but TWO awards! And so as I post the awards here, I think it's time I get to work on my old trophy case (remember, I lost it while decorating for Christmas!).

I won't have time tonight, but before the weekend is out, there will be plenty of little blue cocktails to go around. Plenty. Maybe some of them will be full, maybe some won't, idk. It's been a rough month! So....without any further adieu:

The Spreader of Love Award. Hmmm...Trin, it was 1987. Can we just let it go?! Nawww just kidding. Thanks, my friend on the other side of the planet! And I am passing this onto:
Misty--you spread love and friendship all around and I love watching you bloom.
GiGi--just because...well, girl, you spread your love around, you do. I've heard. And I mean in a very lovable love-spreading kind of way.

And then there's the Bloggers of 07-08. Well.....I think that goes without saying--if you're reading my blog, if you blog, then you're a blogger of 07-08. Snag this uppp! And have a little blue cocktail on me!
And then this showed up:
Scared ya didn't I?! Sorry, couldn't resist. I've been thinking about my friend lately. And I don't know if she made any New Year's resolutions or not, she hasn't emailed me lately. But I've been thinking about it. I think a resolution to finding those dang missing dishwashers and bringing them back to safety is worthy! Dishwashers make the world go round.


D... said...

First, I LOVE your new look and header. You have outdone yourself. :)

Second, Congrats on your awards! You rock!

Last, but certainly not least, I'm glad 2007 brought you my way as well. {{Stacey}}

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Oiy! That's a dang scary face!

Thanks for love, m'dear! I've been working my arse off on my new blog. Should be ready go next week.

Yeah..thanks for the call...ahem.

Oh yeah...GREAT NEW LOOK!!! You digital woman you...

Dawn said...

My son got on the phone with my mom the other day and asked her to please vote for Mrs. Clinton. My mom said "No". He said why???? Apparently, my beautiful boy thinks that she's going to get all that ails me fixed if she becomes president. LOL

Misty Dawn said...

Thank you so much. You always touch my heart and make me smile. I am so thankful I found your blog and your friendship, and I look forward to many years of friendship with you! I love you, Gidge!

Trinity said...

I thought I was lost.. hahaha.. not recognize your blog anymore! Totally change!! :-D but still as great as before and I love white background and your flickr pictures!! And that Hillary picture is soo funny.. LOL

Hm.. the header is sooo touching.. *hugs*