Dec 2, 2007

You Blew It, Vulcan Person

At an East Baltimore firehouse, a noose was planted along with a note

And so the local NAACP chapter, the Vulcan Blazers will need to stand by their prior statements...that there are racial issues and that whoever did this has committed a hate crime on the federal level. In fact Marvin L. "Doc" Cheatham, who is the Baltimore Vulcan chapter's president, said "It's got to go federal." The Vulcans went further to say they weren't surprised, really, that it's finally just come outward and there will be no toleration for such hate crimes.

I'm soooo all about that, Doc, oh, but wait! It wasn't so? The African American firefighter planted these items himself? Okay, that's not very nice, Mr. Firefighter. But it's still a hate crime, right? Just not not against the African American, but against the white firefighters in that firehouse in East Baltimore. Still, these things cannot be tolerated, Mr. Cheatham said so.

And here is what Mr. "Doc" Cheatham of the NAACP had to say about the incident once the firefighter confessed:

"It really saddens us to hear that evidently things have reached a stage that even an African-American does an injustice to himself and his own people as a result of a negative culture in that department,"

This is me working on my "are you for real?" look--it's coming along. Is anyone going to say something here? We have to take a stand or we are guilty right along with the people who hate so much they don't care who what when or where.


Maddy said...

Well you'd sure get my vote!


please try my duplicate "loads like a dream" blog over "here."

D... said...

They planted it themselves? I'd love to hear how this plays out. Because, yeah, it shouldn't be tolerated.

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

How freakin' sad!

Mrs. C said...

Nauseating. He DOES need to be prosecuted for false report or whatever. Stories like this get me so mad. It goes with that "it's ok for a black person to have a noose/whatever but not ok for a white person" attitude that EVERYONE seems to want to defend. Except, like, us three on the blogs who expect people of all races to adhere to the same standards. (We're craazy, man.)

I mean, I think nooses are horrible bad taste but the Jena protesters had a bunch of them. Let some hick white man drive by with a couple strapped to his truck to instigate trouble and he goes to jail, though. Just saying.

We're going to need a lot more affirmative action to fix this one.

Just kidding LOL! Bwa haaa!

Marie said...

When in high school, there were all these ethno-centric clubs, like the African American Club, the Asian Club, and the Hispanic Club. My husband asked if he could start a Caucasian Club, they said no, that would be racist.

Stacey said...

Maddy, that's way cool to know!

D--no it shouldn't be tolerated at all!

GiGi-I'm cleaning for you still...

Mrs. C--THATs the indignation we need; and I wholeheartedly agree that while nooses and 'n' words are wrong, then let's make these things wrong across the board. What justifies another group's ownership of words and symbols, but puts them at the federal prosecutorial level when used by another group. All of nothing.

Marie, I knew a gal with a 100% Pure Black Woman tshirt, I don't even need to wonder what if....!

Bubba's Sis said...

Oh don't even get me started on this one! You know that Mr. Firefighter won't be facing any federal charges. I will enjoy seeing how this one plays out, too.

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

Stop cleaning!!!! I'm going to feel all dirty walking in your house!