Dec 14, 2007

I Saw Joseph Do The Hammer Time & My Angel Might Get His Wii!

It's a good day today--for today John gets that bonus and tonight, we shop. In a panic, because most folks have already grabbed up the good stuff, so we're left with what's left. And I have these boys who like the latest techno stuff out there. And as some of you know, we're doing this Christmas with cash. People who do cash are very cool, but only if they think far enough ahead to SAVE for Christmas. People like us, we must run out just a little over a week before the day to grab up what the cool people who saved left behind.

We'd probably do fine if the boys wanted Christmas socks. Or cologne. Or a chi chi chi Chia!

There are resourceful ways to deal with the issue, and I'm prepared to use creativity and craft supplies if it comes to that. Like the Wii. Would I be able to please Alex's desire to own the Wii if I bought a television remote, painted it white and add the logo, tied on a little strap for his wrist? Maybe......but I'll need help. John will help, he likes helping. He could crouch low behind the television with the PS2 game controller. Watch (from a hole we cut into the cabinet which sounds kind of creepy as I write this) every move Alex makes playing Battlefire Gunnerboy In The Big Scary Woods Full Of Fighting Ninjas And Paratroopers.

I think we'll try. Everybody wins--Alex gets his game on. John improves his hand-eye coordination, synchronizing to Alex's movements AND he gets to play video games all day. And I finally get a remote that not only works, but that nobody is willing to hack the batteries off of. So..... adding to my list: one remote, one can of white spray paint, one Sharpie, one new CD label for 'new Wii' game. One set of kneepads for Johnny-behind-the-television, and of course one bag of popcorn for me. Under say, $30. Not bad for a novice cash-shopper like myself!

You may be thinking what you're thinking I haven't thought. How to keep Alex from playing when John isn't there to turn the Wii on? Pshh! I'm the momma--I keep a list of 'groundable' offenses in the back pocket of my jeans!
Finally, in the spirit of the holiday, here are pictures of my little Wii playing angel. He was in our church Christmas program Wednesday night and did a fine job as an angel! The clarity stinks, sorry. I did, of course, find time to take a shot of Cody and myself from the back of the room.
And I wish you'd been there--Joseph discovered that the spotlight, along with the fabric backdrop, created a shadow. And that shadow moved with him. And the more dramatic and exaggerated his moves the funnier it looked! I didn't react quickly enough to capture it. But know this....Mary was seeking room at the Inn with NO help at all from Joseph. Hey, the man was busy getting into his Hammer Time! Just like a guy! Oh somebody in that audience owns a $10,000 video. If you're reading this, I'll trade you one video of an angel singing and reciting lines for one Joseph entertaining himself while Mary fends for herself.


Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

I love Christmas plays! I once saw a sheep pull his little stubby tail up between his legs and play with through the whole stinkin' play!

I've never laughed so hard in all my life. Not until I started reading your blog anyway!

And yes, I'm sure there was a snort or two!

Mrs. C said...


I just posted about the Wii myself! I almost dropped over thinking you had found a stash and I was going to send you an URGENT EMAIL or something begging you to get me one too and I'll pay ya back LOL!!

I already know that Patrick is going to be disappointed that he can't find the Wii in time for Christmas, after saving all year.

Dawn said...

LOL I LOVE The visual of the whole WII scheme. LOL Truly, you are an inspired mom!

We're going with last ... ok, 2 years ago big electronics item and this year's BIG accessory to go with it. Expensive, sure, but he's worth it... most of the time anyway.

No wiiiiii for weeeeee either.

Dawn of the Shocking Veggies

Ms. Can't Be Wrong said...

The great thing about a 4 year old, is you can trick him into thinking the V-Smile is way cooler than a Wii.

You know how it is, ya gotta use the trickery while they are young. Of course, an educational toy is probably eating away at the trickery years!

I know your jealous, my digs are less than 5 miles from Gi!

You'll have to ask her what I gonna use the suitcase for!!!!

D... said...

That Joseph is priceless! I would so have loved to have seen it. Your angel is pretty darn cute too!

While you are busy making Alex a WII, how about whipping one up for my family too? All of us would so love one. We've convinced ourselves that it would be prudent to wait until the new enhanced version comes out. Yeah, that's it. Um, but, no, it isn't helping our want any. It looks SO FUN!!!!

Eileen said...

I tried to find a wii 4 month ago, so don't feel bad! I think paying with cash is the best way, and there is still plenty of good stuff still out there, only it is now cheaper. Lots cheaper, better deals. Hope you had fun with a night out with hubby and good luck. Niki looks so much like you,esp. in that picture on your sidebar. She is so beautiful, her expressions caputure you too!!
I love children's plays at church. One year Hannah played Mary, it was too cute. They brought in real donkey.... Melanie had to hold up a huge star she made. She was so proud. My heart burst, between being in church that was so beautifully decorated, watching the children, the music, feeling God in my heart...just getting it...this is what it is truly what it is all about.
Love ya!

Bubba's Sis said...

That sounds like D's Bear playing Joseph - can't you just see him doing that, D???

We're doing a cash Christmas, too. Sucks now, but we'll be happy in January when we DON'T have Christmas bills coming in!

D... said...

Yep, I could totally see Bear doing that. And, yep again, come January will be appreciating this cash Christmas! And it certainly lessens the going overboard with the gifts, which is also not a bad thing.

nightowlmom said...

Girlfriend! You are one hilarious chick. I went searching for your blog tonight to give you Don & Leann's snail mail and what a treat to find all this. And even better than the address, guess what I've got on DVD? Yep, you guessed it, the entire Christmas program, flailing Joseph and all. How much did you say I could get for it? $10,000? Whoa! I'll take it. Hey, I can't find the Wii either so I am going to send my kiddos to their friends house who are getting one this year. ;o) Love you! Michele

Misty Dawn said...

Oh my gosh - you totally crack me up... I don't have time to chat right now, cuz I've gotta go read to find out whether the 'new wii' worked or not ;-) You're so wonderful Stacey - I've missed you like crazy (can't even begin to describe it!!!) but... I'm baaaaaaack!

Gella said...

People should read this.