Dec 17, 2007

Christmas Hoopla

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Christmas Hoopla
1) We attend Christmas Eve Service at our church--while that's exciting to us, I can see you yawn. So I'll ante up and admit I make John speed like Santa with five minutes and two continents to go to get there so we get some good seats! Are we the only ones? Come on...we can't be the only ones....
2) I negate all John's driving as soon as I step into the foyer and see my friends (family) and let the hugging and talking begin. By the time I'm finished, we're sitting on the floor in the back. People turn, point and snicker. The night would be ruined but for that pre-Christmas eggnogg...
3) It was Alex..okay? I confess now. It was he who, about five years ago, after a beautiful solo by Mrs. Hill, in the transition just before the lights came on, in the complete silence and the cover of darkness, hollered "Yay, boo hoo!". Hollered. After clamping a hand over his mouth, after the lights onstage returned, John and I joined the audience in scanning for the heckler with our best "Who did that? Somebody needs to control their kid..mmhmmm....." looks.
4) I think the girl on the phone commercial, the one who finally got her pony, needs to hand it over to me. I still want mine.
5) Ham...with cherry sauce.
6) I got a part in the Christmas program in the third grade--I played the wooden block, three clops right after "reindeer's pause"...which I always thought was 'reindeer's paws". I can't sing, so I took the opp.

7) I signed up to sing in the choir this year at church service--so that seating thing isn't an issue, I get to sit on the stage. Still can't sing, but I took the opp.

8) My face knows no poker, every thought I have is displayed right there whether I want it to be or not.

9) I sure hope nobody stumbles on a verse that night. Need to work on that poker face. It won't work--my eyes may as well have letters on them...saying 'now THAT was funny!'
10) This was Jamee's favorite time of year, so regardless of how busy I am, how many corners I want to cut, I try to remember how important it was to Jamee that it was magical for her family. And although 'magical' isn't my gift, I try harder now to make it special for mine too. It'll never be quite as big and beautiful as hers, but something tells me it's not supposed to be.
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Angela WD said...

Great Christmas hoopla! I also am always late to be seated at church. Too many people to talk to! How are you going to manage getting to the stage on time?

Ham with cherry sauce? Do you have a recipe for me? Mmmm...

Mrs. C said...

Oh, I'm bad. I'll go every week BUT Christmas and Easter.

D... said...

Ham with cherry sauce sounds interesting. We usually stick with the ole standard of ham with pineapple.

Jamee is stll here to be a big sister to you. I know she has a huge smile on her face and such love in her heart when she sees how you make the season special for your family now. It's her gift to you.

I have much love for you during this time.

Stacey said...

Angela, I'm going to go ahead and sleep over, that's how! lol....cherry sauce is simply cherry pie filling heated and drizzled over that ham. MMMMMMMMM! xo

Mrs. C--if it's candlelight, give it a whirl. It's truly an amazing feeling, nothing like it. xo

D--you are right, thanks for the reminder. I feel your love and I'm grateful for it, always. xo

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

cherry filling?? What is that?... a KC thing?? Why don't you skip the ham, add ice cream, and call it a day!

I would LOVE to hear you sing!

Shana said...


#5... My mom made a ham once with a cherry sauce. YUM-O!

#6... the picture I posted was of my 3rd grade Christmas program, I can't sing a note, and I played this sliding bell thing during Silver and Gold. Every time they would sing "silver and gold" I ran a stick up this thing to make a neat noise. FUNNY!!!

#8... ME Too! Sorta like Honest Abe, Shana can't tell a LIE!!!

#10... (((HUGS)))

Thanks for playing along. I think I still have a tag from you from a few weeks ago. I will try to get to that AFTER the Holidays. :o)