Dec 10, 2007

Cat, Gidget, GiGi...Part Two!

Update: I have things I need to post but.....I refuse to post another thing. I was just on the phone with GiGi (who really does exist even though it's looking doubtful), and explained how her blogging absence makes me look...well, like a weird-o stalking blogger mom who imagined the whole weekend! Who may have copied and pasted photos to appear as if I have a friend named GiGi. She laughs at this because she's been thinking y'all will think that too as she's been out running all over town and not blogging!

So not until the Gi says she had fun (and Gi, I mean FUNNNN) will I post again. She had fun, I'm telling fun fun with a capital FUN!

We went to Fritz's at Hallmark's Crown Center Friday. Fritz's serves dinner via a toy train that runs the entire restaurant and stops, delivers the meals (which were ordered at the booth on a phone!) and goes away. Then we played on the giant toys...sadly it was freezing cold this year, so we didn't play too long!

This weekend went by far too quickly for me, I miss everyone already. I can't wait to get in Cat's new Suburban and drive down to GiGi's. *sigh*

Click the video for all the pics from the second night:

Worth another peek:

Cat, Gidget at Fritz's

GiGi, J waiting for dinner...think J forgot what to do with the straw!

Trinity, I adore my bag...all the way from Indonesia. You truly are a very special friend and I adore you! And the bag, the necklace and the CD!

Do you see a pattern here with Gi & her tongue?

It's a cow, I know...Cat's modeling on a cow. Hey! We are in MO!


Maddy said...

Twice in one day! What a productive blogger you are, ride em cowboy!

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

Shana said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful weekend together. Fun times! :o)

D... said...

I really wanted to visit the Hallmark Crown Center when I was in your neck of the words. There was no time for it tho. I didn't know about Fritz's or I would have wanted to go there too! What fun!

Thanks for sharing your pics! Fun times!

Cheryl said...

I'm glad the 3 amigas all had a great time--as evidenced by the photos. Love the photo with the train hats! Friendship is a wonderful gift, and you 3 are blessed.

Dawn said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time, Stacey - and you so deserve it!

Misty Dawn said...

Stacey, I literally had tears in my eyes as I watched that slide show! You guys are so fabulous and it is obvious that you had a fabulous time together! I am so so happy for you.

Did you get bad ice where you are? Our electric just came back on, but it keeps flickering, so I'm not sure how long we'll have power.

Marie said...

I think Cat wants a bag too.

Sharon said...

What fun you two had! Although I'm glad you posted an update because I was beginning to think perhaps you were practicing your Photoshop skills and posting photos to correspond with your stories. Whew, glad you cleared that up for me.

Oh, since I didn't get to come and play with y'all I tagged you on my blog.

Trinity said...

Oh how relieve I am to see the bags arrived safely on your hands! Gigi thank you for bringing the gifts to Stacey, and I hope both of you will remember me every time you see the bag. I agree with Marie, it looked like Cat want that bag as well.. LOL, 3 of you can act very well, we can tell from the picture! The necklaces I sent you are from Bali. I bought them last July. Wish you can visit Bali someday!

Cat, Gigi and you really had a blast! I am so happy for all of you!

Karen said...

What a fun day! I love Fritz's. We've only just discovered that place and the kids really love going there. I always come away feeling like I swallowed a bowl of grease though.

Go Cat!!!

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle said...

I would NEVER want to be the cause of your readers having absent Stacey time.

Ya'll...I had a stinkin' blast. More than just FUNNNNNN. And according to my kids, her house is the fun-est house EVER.

So she hasn't just made it all up...she is better than she comes across on her blog.

I am blessed to have her as a friend!

Sarah said...

I love Hallmark Center at Christmas time. Last month when we went up to KC we didn't stay long because of the weather. We are coming up again the Jan 13th, but we probably won't stay long enough to do anything then either. (Robynn has cheer/pom competitions 4 times a year that we come to KC for. One was in Liberty and we totally got turned around. Fortunately the last one and this upcoming one were and are at KCCC).