Oct 10, 2007

Happy 18th Birthday Nicole!

And remember this--at 17 you could have left home and we couldn't 'make' you come back home legally. But at 18, you can leave home and:
we can lock the doors--legally!!! muahahahahahah!!!!
But seriously, Happy 18th birthday, Niki Noodle, we love you.


Shana said...

Girl, you thought I looked young in my picture of holding my oldest!?! And look at the love in your eyes. What a super sweet picture!!!

Happy Birthday Niki!!!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Happy birthday Cookie!!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

awwww, awesome pics and great posting - Happy Birthday, Nicole! I hope your mom & dad spoil you rotten :D

Misty Dawn said...

Happy birthday to Niki!!!

Love the pics, Stacey. Niki is so beautiful. You create some good lookin' kids! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Niki! I can't believe she is 18!! She looks so adorable when she was younger, and she grew up to be such a beautiful young lady. What beautiful children you have. You must feel so proud. You were born to be a mother!! Hannah (my youngest) said this to me once, when I was singing (I can't keep a note)"you were not born to be a singer, you were born to be my mommy." She was so right, and I look at these pictures and I can't help but think of you. What a great mother you are!! Enjoy the day.

Stacey said...

Thanks my friends, but I have a dear friend who says this:

I don't take credit for the good parts about my kids

Because I don't want to take credit for the bad!

I like that. So yeah, she's turned out to be pretty amazing inside and out. She and God did that! I think you guys are the best--who says blog friends aren't real friends?

Girl Gone Wild said...

(Hey...thanks for making my morning!)

Happy B-day, Niki! Maybe I need to get the boys together to sing you a b-day song...they're famous for that you know!

Cat said...

Happy Birthday NIKI!

you are Beautiful inside and out girl!

Stacey, we need to get together soon girl!

Love ya!

D... said...

Happy Birthday to Nicole!!! I hope she has the grand & happy day that she deserves. I hope you enjoy this day too, Niki's Mama!

karen said...

Awww. . .what a great post. Happy Birthday to Niki!

See ya soon.

Lala said...

Happy Birthday Nikki!!!

Lala :o)

tegdirb92 said...

what a lovely tribute to such a beautiful girl! This is truly a special day--happy birthday, Nicole!

Niki said...

Thank you mommy very much for the post! You truely are the best mom ever and i just hope that one day when i become a mom (and thats not to far away..ekk) that i can be just like you! But i love you mom and i want to thank you and dad for everything you both have done for me these past 18 years!


ooo yeah..and i can vote now! :)

Stacey said...

Ohh Niki that really needs to be far away. Please! But I love you too...and before you vote, please know who and what! xoxo

Niki said...

ooo trust me it will be far away! i work in a daycare let me remind you and i dont need another kid on top of the twenty i have a night when i work lol..
and as the voting thing you are going to have to help me on because my plan is just to vote for who ever is cutest! its just way easier that way!! :)

Bubba's Sis said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Niki! You're a beautiful young woman with a beautiful mama. All the best to you!