Sep 20, 2007

Other Interests....I Like That

After this not-so-banner week, even though it's not yet over, I figure y'all could use a giggle. I met up with a dear friend this morning for coffee at "moonquarters". She works nights on the weekends and was telling me that one day a week the kids all pitch in for housework day. Her oldest son (I'll call him xaM) is Alex's age. Last week on the fringe of housework day, he informed her he was retiring. He said "Mom, I've moved on and have other interests and I'm not interested in housework day anymore". Can you just HEAR it?! My friend, I'll call her eiluJ, took a good long look at xaM before reporting "well that's fine. I have moved on too, and have found new interests. I'm no longer interested in doing your laundry, cooking your meals, driving you to your lessons, helping with homework...." Score one for the momma!

I'll be guest blogging over at Coming To A Nursery Near You (Dawn's) tomorrow and must say I'm quite excited. I'm sure Dawn is fearing with all the news going on this week I'm going to say something too conservative and ruin all her hard work. Dawn, I know you're out there, no worries, I'm not in the mood to mention anything conservative. Nor anything that would inflame debate. Such as Ohhhh Jay.
Like WHY is the black community in Vegas and elsewhere so certain he is innocent? That he's being treated so unfairly? When did we start convicting the justice system without merit? I got to know as bad as OJ is, not gonna mince words here, he's nowhere near the racist his supporters are. He's not so worried about color, nope. I have supporting points backing up my hypothesis (in no particular order--because honestly, I don't know the order):


Lala said...

Hi Stacy!!! Good for your friend "eiluJ" (LOL... is she in disguise?)... THAT is EXACTLY what MY response would've been... :o)

OH GIRL... PLEEEEEEEZE don't even get me started on "The Juice"... I got so worked up last night watchin' Nancy Grace I HAD to turn it off... :o)~

I'll come visit you at the "nursery" tomorrow! :o)

Lala :o)

D... said...

Hee! My child could be xaM! I can totally hear him. I'm going to remember eiluJ's response for when I need it. ;)

I won't even talk about OJ other than to say I agree with you.

Have fun guest blogging!

kailani said...

I just can't believe OJ is in the news again. Why can't he just go away?

Sharon said...

LOL! My son was just like xaM! I remember having a conversation with him when he was six - he wanted candy, I said no, he said I *had* to give him candy because I was his mother and I was required to feed him. (Remember, he was only six.) I scared him a bit when I said I wasn't actually required to do anything and he should be glad I was feeding him anything at all. Yep, my darling boy pushed the limits all through his growing up years, but he turned out pretty darn good. I do hope he ends with one JUST LIKE HIM, LOL!

And OJ? Don't even get me started.

Looking forward to your quest post on Dawn's blog tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Loving xaM!!! That is too funny, made me laugh out loud, his mom too. I thing Housework day is a great idea, and I just may implement it around here. My girls can't retire yet because they never started. They are so spoiled!! I am working on it.

I just wish OJ would go away. If I never saw his face on tv or heard him on radio again, I would be so happy. He makes me sick.

Have a good night.

Bubba's Sis said...

Has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance that his current girlfriend has to the wife he murdered??

Anonymous said...

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