Aug 28, 2007

You're Gonna Need Two Pooper Scoopers Now!

I was posting my first review in ages on Pattern Review after succuming to Sharon's peer pressure when I heard an interview on Fox News. The interview was about potty training your children from birth. That it's possible. One of the exercises involved taking your child sans diaper to a nearby tree and letting him/her....well...go.

I don't wanna be in that yard. I already have to dodge dog drops, now baby drops too? And I don't have children that need to be potty-trained anymore, we're onto other sometimes more difficult hurdles. What do y'all think about this trend? And I know the interviewee mentioned that there were countries in the world such as Asia and Africa who practice this routinely.

I have to wonder: if I mailed those moms an endless supply of diapers (those who practice this are by in large without means to purchase diapers), would they slap them on and let their babies be babies. I don't know, seems to me our babies are shouldering some heavy responsibilities nowadays. They're signing when they're hungry, when they're sick, when they want something, when they need to poop, pee or just go to sleep. All that while in between jogs over to music class then gym class. It's good stuff, no doubt about it.
Yet still, I think a baby can benefit from just 'being' in mom's arms. And I think moms don't need to feel pressured or guilty if they don't train their children in signing or they don't have the money or ability to get their child into music/gym classes. *Good time (excuse) to show a baby photo of my youngest, Alexander, who is now 10 years old! He's still a baby. Right?


Bubba's Sis said...

Of course he's still a baby! My 10-year-old is still a baby!

Baby potty on a tree?? That's just ridiculous! You still have to train them to do it on the toilet, so switching from a diaper or switching from going outside like a dog - what's the diff? In fact, if they regress, at least potty in their pants is less conspicuous than seeing them out squatting in the yard!!! That's just crazy talk.

D... said...

The problem I have with signing is that then they don't feel the need to learn to talk (not all babies, of course).

Pooping by a tree is just gross. GROSS!

My son will be 10 in just a few days. He better still be my baby!

Girl Gone Wild said...

Yeah, in India if the baby starts to pee/poop, the mom just holds him away from her hip while she's walking down the road and lets it lie where it lands. They think people who scoop their dogs poop are dirty people!!

I have enough trouble keeping Gremlin from always peeing on a tree vs. running inside to a REAL toilet!

Finally posted...go see.

Girl Gone Wild said...

YAWWWWWNNNN....yeah, I was hoping for a little guilt thing...ok not really, but....

So any post on the Miss Teen flub??

Eileen said...

I think pooping by the tree is just plain dumb! I wonder who sits and comes up with these brillant theories!
Love the picture of Alexander, what beautiful eyes. Your youngest will always be your baby!

Misty Dawn said...

You have another award! Check it out at my blog!