Aug 13, 2007

GiGi & Gidget Photo In The Coffin!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodnesssss! We're back from Branson and I can't wait to tell you about my meeting IRL (cool blog talk for in real life) with my blog friend GiGi! She was at Silver Dollar City on the same day we were, so we decided to meet at 4:00 at the Fire In The Hole, then have dinner. Well.....almost made it. Sort of. We had a hotel mishap (I'm sure I'll tell you all about it this week, but this is all about GiGi tonight!).

We were a few hours off track. In fact, it was so dang fiery, blazin-hades-lovin hotttt that we almost didn't return to the park that day. On our way to an air-conditioned attraction I got a message on my cell from her husband; he was calling from GiGi's cell. She'd forgotten it in the car and asked him to retrieve it (can you believe he did it? a good man) to let us know where they were. Ohhhh no, we were NOT going to let that trip to the car go to waste. We would fight the bumper to bumper traffic on 76, dodge in and out, cross double white lines, make illegal U-ies to get there! At all costs! We made it back to SDC an hour before closing! That's how much I wanted to take my photo with GiGi in the coffin. Shown below--that's her on the left, me on the right. See, GiGi, I told you I was gonna post it! Which legs are tanner?

Getting into the restaurant, I maybe slightly embarassed my kids when I walked through the doors calling: "GiGi! GiGi, it's me, your bff! Where are you?!!!" After a few minutes of that, we sniffed her out in the mine downstairs. Hiding, that's what. Hiding and quivering and stuff.
My first thought (other than 'she's a hidin' little chicken') was 'omg, she's beautiful! ' She's how I pictured her, no doubt. I look at people's eyes first, it's all about eyes for me. Right away I was smiling at her dancing eyes, they absolutely command happiness! Her husband, J, was so generous and friendly (almost pastoral, lol). John described him as a 'go getter with a kind heart'. They struck up conversation right away. J is finishing up his MBA, so .... John, the pro that he is ;-) filled him in on the MBA fillings-in stuff. Niki adored her little Gremlin and Little Man and attached herself to them! She loves all things children, and GiGi's were particularly loveable, so Gi, you have a babysitter whenever you need one. Two point five hours north.

Our families took off to ride a ride, GiGi paid her bill after much confusion by the waitress--finally resolved (you owe me $30, Gi). We headed to Grandfather's Mansion, sat on the swing in the lopsided bedroom (it slants wayyy up) and crammed in as much talking as we could possibly cram. You know how it is when you have so much to say and you just can't say it fast enough? Then you start something and move to something else and realize later, 'hey! I forgot to ask about that!'? It was like that. One hour. It went by so darned fast my head was spinning!
What a neat-o thing it was to meet another blog friend. I wish I could meet more of y'all, maybe down the road, one never knows! I think some of the kindest people I know are bloggers, so wouldn't it be nice if I could meet my favorite ones and hug them all?!
Friends, if you read GiGi's post, you know my eyes were tearing up the whole time. Because of allergies. But we'll let her go with the tears of joy theory she blogged. She lives in the Ozarks. So let her have that to hang onto. Tears of joy, Gi, tears of joy. Note the corner of the left eye on this pic, taken last week--tearing up here too. Probably thinking about Gi.
We decided we liked each other IRL and that we will be meeting again. I know she was a little afraid to meet me--and that her husband was definitely leary. Not leering, leary. He didn't leer or anything, that'd make no sense at all! GiGi is a blogger without a lot of identifying pics, and he didn't want her pic posted for privacy reasons. I'm a blogger that says 'hey, see me? look! at! meeee!'. But, J, I didn't think you'd mind the coffin shot I put up there. Do you? Yes or No. Circle one.

At the end of the far too scant visit, we walked out together. My family was parked in the coveted 'C' lot, so we graciously walked over to their side (snicker) to await their tram headed to the 'H' lot (snicker). Yup. We put aside our pride, we didn't care WHAT anyone else said or thought! No. By gosh they are our new friends even IF they were parked in Arkansas! Be darned with what others may think, we're standing with them! (Maybe, Gi, if we do a Christmas light tour down there, y'all could come along and park with us. In the 'C' lot. We'll see.)

***As I was right in the middle of this post, I learned that our next door neighbor was killed in a horrible crash Friday. We weren't close, I didn't really want to be close to my new neighbors here after a bad experiencein our old neighborhood. She was very friendly, her youngest will be starting his senior year with Niki. I need to rethink my views. Define neighbors vs. neighborly. I wasn't a rude neighbor, just arms length-like. I always figured when we were older, kids gone, then we'd connect. I think wave hello to your neighbors, bring them a bowl of pudding after reading this , idk. Just let them know you're around if they need an egg or orange juice. Arms length neighbors. Psh! That's about the dumbest idea I've had, and I'm definitely not going to let my arms get in the way anymore.


Girl Gone Wild said...

I was recanting our conversation with J all the way back to our house and thought of all these questions I wanted to ask and stinkin' forgot!!! We'll have to make more time next time...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture. J's gonna crack up!

Cat said...

Sounds like an awesome time!!! next time I am coming along!

I am sorry to hear about your neighbor, which one was it? Hmm I will be passing invitations out to all mine this week, does that count as neighborly? lol

See you soon GF!!

Cat said...

Ohhh and I meant to say Great leg shot, I must say, I think GiGi's were tanner. Girl you need to get outside more!

Misty Dawn said...

I think GiGi's legs were tanner also - sorry Stacey ;-) It sounds like y'all had an absolute blast! I'm so very happy for you guys - that is so wonderful!

Dana said...

I have wanted to meet my BBB (best blogging buddy), Toni, for months now but I think she is chicken. Or maybe she just doesn't like me as much as I like her. Who knows. Anyway, so glad you got to meet up with Gigi.

D... said...

Awwww!!! Sounds like a wonderful time. I'm so happy ya'll got to meet. :)

Thank you so much for your kind words about me. And, who knows, maybe instead of watching my son on TV, you can go to a Royals game and see him there. ;)

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Sorry about your neighbor. I hate it when that kind of thing happens... you just never know, I suppose :(

As for the visit, sounds like an awesome time :)