Jul 6, 2007

Out to Win This One!

That's right, GiGi, I'm entered in the 5 Minutes For Mom contest--I'm hoping to win a Neat Receipts gadget and here is why:

That's right, I'm receipt challenged and I have sooo given myself the edge today! There are more on my other desk in the kitchen, don't make me go in there!
I need this Gigi, I think YOU should opt out right now! I'll be glad to share, though. But only on even numbered days of odd months in decades ending in five. What do you think?

I'm a Top Mommma!


Cat said...

Oh is that what you guys are entering the contest for? HECK! We already got one of those. (or should I say Jeff does) LOL

I will let you two fight this one out! LOL

Girl Gone Wild said...

You dog!! I knew it! "Cruel summer"...aren't you funny!

Alright...it's on! It's SO on!

(I wonder if 5 minutes for mom has ANY idea what they've started)

Dana said...

I desperately need one of those! I must have 50 receipts in my purse and another 25 or so in the pocket of my car door.

Girl Gone Wild said...

You REALLY need to check out my contest post again....

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Stacey!!!

Please don't feel like a failure mom! Trust me, my daughter isn't the way she is because of me. It's all her!

Coastie Brother thinks I should have let her continue using the bible she was using until she told me she wanted a new one. It all worked out tho because she ended up loving her new one.