Jul 20, 2007

John Doe, Is This Your Rocket Launcher?

I'm reading through some of my favorite blogs, did a little link-swinging and hit on this story. I read, watch the video and my vitals go into exercise mode. Huh? Our Senate voted AGAINST the John Doe Provision? Reading on, I see that I can indeed be sued for reporting suspicious terrorist activity. In the subway, on an airplane, at the Post Office, wherever!

Okay, hang on, it gets good. On little to no sleep (see previous entry) I chewed on this a bit and here's my theory:
Feds Seize Rocket Launcher Found at a Home Near N.J.'s Newark Liberty International Airport
Friday, July 20, 2007
A rocket launcher didn't just appear on this woman's lawn all by itself. For fun, let's just say it was ditched by an evil little terror-seeking person (T.S.P.) who rounded the corner, happened upon some folks off to work and knows the gig is up. He panics, ditches the goods for fear of being identified and apprehended.

Maybe maybe had this evil little T.S.P. known what our Senators were up to of late, he (or she) might have kept walking, sued the person who reported him. THEN ended up with quite a windfall to use arming his friends big time! We can hope said evil friends took shooting lessons at the Dick Cheney School of Huntery. Else we might be in trouble. Just something I was thinking on this morning.
You know, I still like a nice pair of shoes for the weekend, still enjoy hanging out with my hubby, renting movies and forgetting it all...but I can't be apathetic either. Email a Senator, then hit the Friday night!


Debbie said...

Good connection. I have no idea what Congress is thinking these days. Our first line of defense is ... individual Americans.

We must observe our surroundings and report suspicious activity. Now we get sued by CAIR or MAS? That sucks.

Cat said...

WHAT? are you kidding me? Okay that is just plain WRONG!

I didn't mean to make you feel sad, I will try my best to do Wednesday night, I have been a church slacker this past week or so. My bible group might lynch me if I show up there but not for Bible study. LOL (or whatever that Wed. class is called. ) LOL
I haven't been since before Youth Camp left.

Bubba's Sis said...

WTF? How in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks can that be right??