Jul 30, 2007

Boobie (Can I Use That Word Here?)

Niki joined me today and actually said she enjoyed herself. She always breaks down at the cemetery; Jamee was a very special person in her life. But she handled herself beautifully.

We had lunch with my friends Kelly & Nova as well. (And I didn't leave without my....Dunkin Donuts Coffee...okay and donuts). I forgot my camera, but my g/f Nova brought hers. I think I may sneak up to her farm tonight and steal it! I usually take the pictures. So don't think you'll see me bent over things like todays shots ..she took several like that. Yeah, rolls coming over the pants, not my thing! Arghhh!

Yes indeedy, it is time to lose that post op weight again. (I had a complete hysterectomy in November & quit smoking). This is not good, but I am motivated now. Actually, got Niki to play some catch with me in the backyard tonight. Now that's excercise I can do AND enjoy!

We always have time for a photo op...I chose this one, it's got a lead-in story. Nova said she felt like she was being attacked by boobies on either side, lol! Here is Nova's lead-in boobie story:

In Jr. High band, I sucked at playing my trumpet. Really. So...our then exasperated band leader was asking me to define the difference between a sharp and a flat. He asked me what came to mind when I thought of 'flat'. Not losing a beat, I quipped "Nova!" Is that not AWFUL?

Now I didn't remember this 'incident'...Nova retold it for me last fall before our 20th reunion (Savannah High). It horrified me to think I could be so insensitive to a friend. I don't doubt I said it, that'd be me--never knew how to filter my thoughts then. (Yet it is kinda funny--and veryyy quick thinking on my part, lol!).
Boobie shot & the new sign Niki and I came up with on the drive up--it's a "w" and it stands for Whoah! Doesn't Nova have an amazingly delightful smile? That'd be The Belt Hwy in St. Joseph (MO) behind us...many many hours cruising that strip of road. How about you guys...where did you cruise for fun?

I borrowed the song idea from my friend Janice at Twisted and Skewered. Thanks, girlie!


D... said...

We cruised Cherry Street in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Good times!

Our vacation last summer took us to St. Joseph for the day. We toured Jesse James' house and saw where the Pony Express started. Then we headed back to KC to see the Royals play. We didn't get to do/see everything that we saw advertised along the way. Maybe we'll make a return trip someday.

That's great that your daughter was with you today. I'm glad you could spend the day with her and your good friends. You were in my prayers.

JaniceNW said...

I cannot help but wriggle and jiggle(speaking of boobies...) to this song.

I'm really glad things went well today. I was thinking about you once I got those nasty chemical crap outta my head. Tomorrow we add volume of gases into the mix. WOOHOO!

In So Cal we cruised PCH(Pacific Coast Highway)and look for cute RICH guys on Newport Beach and Corona del Mar.

Bubba's Sis said...

Gosh - I don't think I've ever 'cruised'. I'm so uncool. And flat. Really. Ask D. She's boobalicious and I'm flat as a fritter.

Glad today went well - I was thinking about you.

Jenny said...

Oh I'm glad it was a good day for you! Poor Nova!! You are such a hoot!!

Cat said...

LOL believe it or not, we cruised to the plaza!!! LOL

Glad your trip went well! sounds like you had a Great Day!

kailani said...

What a fun photo! I bet you guys have a blast when you're together!

Sharon said...

Oh, that photo looks like photos of my BF and I (guess which one she is and which one I am *sigh*)

Ah, cruising :-) Shhhh, don't tell my parents but we cruised the loop in downtown St. Paul, MN (long gone.) All the way And The girls in their cars and the boys in their cars each trying to get each other's attention while attempting to look cool. It was fun, fun, fun.

Girl Gone Wild said...

Growing up I was Nova! Every school I went to I ended up with 2 big boobed friends. Somehow that automatically made me their cute-little-mascot. ...oiy!... Apparently mascots have no boobs.

Glad Niki went with you...

Oh man...waiting for my coffee to kick in this morning............

Sharon said...

Oops - correction to my previous comment as the way I wrote it one might think that St. Paul, MN is long gone when it is indeed still alive and kicking and still the capital of Minn. Wouldn't want to start any rumors you know.

kelly said...

Hi Stacey,

Okay, I like this photo because I no longer look like the flat-chested friend who got left at the door on Saturday nights as Linda, Lucinda--were you ever with us?--got to sneak into the Keg and the Place because they had chests that made them look 18, and I obviously was 16. They went in, and I stayed at the door talking to the bouncer all night. Not fair!

Cruised the Belt, just like you, but I got a ticket for loitering once. The paddy wagon pulled up, guns drawn, frisked, etc. I finally told my dad a year ago. My mom told me never to tell him for fear he'd have my head!

Love ya!

Stacey said...

^^Kel, we've been over this before, remember? Of course I was at the Keg--you had to wait outside, remember, talking to the bouncer while we bounced quarters with everyone at the quarters table! I wouldn't do that to ya now, though, Kel. I'd at least go to the back of the bar so you didn't have to see the fun.

Being frisked by the St. Joe police for cruising? Guns drawn? Only in MO, eh? Must have liked you!

Katja from skimbaco.com said...

I'm glad to hear about your day, you have awesome friends!

I skipped the cruisin' part since I got a VIP pass to the hottest night club in Turku, Finland when I was 16 (you had to be 24 to get in!), even without the boobies! So, I was a flat techno dancing queen.

Now, I don't mind the extra pounds that much.. Yea I hate the side rolls, but now I have boobies! I would hate to loose weight and loose them :)

Katja from skimbaco

pinks & blues girls said...

First of all, I am cracking up here. I just opened up your blog and the music started playing... and Steve looks at me and says, "Stacey's blog?"

I guess I'm on here a lot! :)

I am so glad you had a nice time. And that Niki was with you. Audrey and I totally had our routes that we cruised together back in our hometown! Loved doing that!

Jane, P&B Girls