Jun 18, 2007


I'm a Top Mommma!

Click my face (when will you ever hear those words again?). Wait, first click on the icon up here ^^. I don't know what a click will do for me, but I've clicked on mommas here and nothing blew up, I didn't get stuck in a porn loop that I desperately try to click out of while hearing the clicking of my husband's dress shoes coming down the hall from work (I've heard about these things, that's all). There was a computer error and I'm running a negative lead time here :( so I don't have long before I'll be booted now. And of course this happens when it's my turn...just another Stacey-ism.....

So--here are some Stacey-isms, some random thoughts I've been musing:

What if nobody clicks on my picture?

What if nobody WANTS to click on a picture of a 39 year old woman, wearing a cowboy hat, holding her breath?

What if I don't last longer than two hours?

What if I get by two hours and don't make a whole day?

What if I by some freak of electronical nature get through a whole day and I'm cut off at one week?

What if the mommy of the baby with the switch on it's face really can shut him off and on?

What if the lady with the hawk on her arm forgets her gloves..what'll happen to her arms and can it be fixed?

Doesn't the lady with the red hair look like Niki Abbott from The Young And The Restless?

The angry child eyes square...does he live nearby? And if he does, could he reach my doorknobs?

What if pink cartoon shopping bag with bargains inside lasts far longer than I do? This is quite likely, the shopping bag has been there as long as I've been looking at Top Momma.

Am I the only momma who hankers for cotton candy whenever I look at the Pink Hair Square?

What IS cotton candy hair momma smiling about? Is she smiling because she's lucky enough to eat cotton candy off her head all day long and STILL appear to fit into a size three dress? And if yes, should she taunt the rest of us so?

And finally, I think if ever a momma pops up with a logo pronouncing Life With Four Women, then boda-bing boda-bam sha-boom chickalocka chickalock nouw nouw, she is, in my book, Top Momma Queen Bee Forevermore. Hands down.


Cat said...

Okay, I clicked ya, Now go ahead and click mine since I am still there! I guess I will do it even though I am a slacker blogger! LOL

Girl Gone Wild said...

You both need so much help!! I've tagged you both!

Gidge...I laughed my fanny off with that bikini and heels line!! You've GOT to know that I was suckin' in like all get out and complaining to hubby to not get too close! BTW: Hubby called with another coffee pic idea. Hopefully it'll be up tomorrow.

tegdirb92 said...

OK I'm clicking you!! I HOPE YOU WIN!!! Can i click more than once?

pinks & blues girls said...

First of all, LOVE today's song! I'm bopping away here as I type this!

Second of all, people will TOTALLY click on your fun photo! I did, and I will keep going back again and again!

You're so much fun!

Jane, P&B Girls

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen you since that day when my hubby and I were on our date at Wal-Mart. I din't notice until now, you are one skinny B, girrrl! You look great - not that you weren't great before!!!

Sounds like your vaca was fun. Your family is so cute. J-man looks good. Wish us luck on our vaca, we are taking 2 happy go lucky teenagers (one is ours, the other is a rental) and one crabby teenager. This is an 11 hour trip, what were we thinking?

Take Care,
Coaches Wife Mrs. R

Introducing..... said...

Love the blog! Your ramble sounds like the sound track of my mind...

Stacey said...

Mrs. R--one skinny B? My new friends will get the wrong impression, I'm just one B. That's it--skinny has never been used to describe me--not then, not now, probably not ever. Unless hubbie springs for lipo, and I am working on it. xo

Bubba's Sis said...

I clicked your face! I have no idea what it's for, but I did it!!

kailani said...

I'll click your face for ya! LOL!

jdoriot said...

I clicked you!