Apr 3, 2007

Rain Hair and Social Suppers

Found it! I found my camera and anyone who knows me knows I panic when I don't know where it is! I'd taken it to our church Social Suppers fundraiser and thought it was gone forever, but just as I was about to give up, I decided to stick my hand under my carseat ONE more time...and victory!

So....I didn't get pictures of my feet next to Cat's on the backs of the movie seats yesterday; sorry about that girlfriend, we'll get our feet next time. However.... I do have a few very bad pictures of Social Suppers--it was raining, and for SOME reason, my hair was the ONLY hair that went completely flat. Why is that? It's always been, and you'd think I'd have accepted it by now, but I haven't. I want nice rain hair like everyone else. Enough already, here we are:

Gina and her best friend in high school, in from Illinois:

Me with Jolene--I think this is clear...she doesn't know what she's doing and she needs my expert direction because I'm an expert baggie closer.

And finally, me with Gina. Not only does the rain make my hair flat, but in the process it somehow makes my face five times bigger than everyone else's around me! MmmHmmm.

Thanks, Dad, for that. You could have passed on your beautiful blue eyes, but instead I got the big Poirier head! Kidding, I love my Daddy, and I miss him terribly. But it is a big big head, he knew it. He had extenders on his caps for goodness sakes!
With all this rain-hair stuff, I'll throw in a little hat hair for you, too...because I think I'm going to start wearing hats on rainy days. Like this here cowboy hat--say "howdy" if y'all see me at Kohls (my second home). Oh, and I think I'm pretty good at my blowfish impression now, so bring it!


Cat said...

Okay, first you are cute in every single pic I see of you, so stop all that nonscence!
I love your hat, guess what? I have a cowboy hattoo, to wear out in the sun, I wanna wear it to kohl's someday with you okay?

as for missing the pic of our feet on the movie theater seats, we can do that on the next movie. so what we going to see next?