Apr 7, 2007

Easter weekend is here, and it's very very very cold! I'm going to have to rethink my church outfit--no open toed shoes for me and no gouchos! Ah, well, I don't think it's all that important. We died Easter eggs last night, it's still fun for the kids. This year, we had an extra "kid", Niki's boyfriend Kyle got his own dozen to dye, lol.

Even John gets into the egg-dying thing--he always makes me one special egg of my own, here it is...it's him with his arms and legs stretched straight out as far as they reach--our "code" for I Love You!

Tonight I had another dinner at the nursing home with my friend, John. And my son Cody. Cody's so gentle with the elderly, one day he's going to make an incredible father.

We had Backyard Burgers, at John's request. I was pretty good, I had the chicken sandwich in lieu of a burger, but yeah, I did the shake! And I've lost a few pounds this week, so here's a big welcome back home to them, they'll be on my backside by tomorrow morning, lol. We read Matthew 27 and 28 together, and when it was time to go home, as usual, he fidgeted around at his desk searching for something to talk about and I came up with ten different thoughts that popped into my head--it's just too hard to leave him. Almost like leaving behind a child. If that I could, I would most definitely bring this man home with me forever. By the way, when we were taking the pictures, he asked if I thought John (my husband) would mind.....he adores John and it always tickles me that his sense of humor is just like mine!


Cat said...

What a cute lil man! That is so Awesome that you go visit with him. And for Cody to join you. how cool.
So Umm what you wearing tomorrow? cuz I am having a hard time deciding.
are you doing Breakfast?

Cat said...

Ohh and forgot to add, we colored half a dozen eggs. nobody eats them and nobody really wanted to color any. :( how depressing.