Mar 19, 2007

Lunch with High School Buddies


Always loved that song at 4H camp! I finally met my friend Cat today! Hooray! She met me along with two of my other girlfriends for lunch and it was as if I'd always known her! We've been talking back and forth for a little while now, met on the Moms of Grace site, and realize we have so many things in common it would be a tragedy not to meet face to face since we're only about a 15 minute drive from each other. It was so good to see her, in fact, I'm already coming up with 100 things in my head we should do next! It's interesting that new friends are silver, old are friend Cat is also a Silpada rep, all about silver! Here we are finally both in one place!

I had lunch with some of my high school friends today. I drove to St. Joseph (this is me, driving, too excited! I know I know, I have to shoot EVERYTHING), only about an hour and ten minutes north, and met them. It was my best friend, Tracy's, birthday lunch and we also celebrated my friend Mike's, which was the other day. I hadn't seen Mike since graduation, daresay that was 20 years ago. He's a college basketball coach, which doesn't surprise anyone. He was the basketball star in our small town--just about ate and breathed basketball. Not only that, he's happily married and I've seen pictures of his little ones, they're adorable!

Julie, the other friend who joined us, has gone on and done well, also. She's a physical therapist, mom of two and she and her husband own a blueberry farm! Now she's probably the only blueberry farmer I'll ever meet, it's quite unique, just like she is. I so enjoyed watching her as she chatted with us, remembering the girl I grew up with, who had braided pigtails down the middle of her back with a smile that would have gotten her anything she wanted for the asking. She still has a beautiful smile, the pigtails are gone, still an athlete and full of energy.

Tracy, my best friend, is a hair stylist, has quite a large following I hear. I should make the trek up every now and then to have her cut my hair like Julie does, but I don't. I do, however, keep in good contact with her. Her son, Connor, joined us today, it's clear when you speak with him that he and his sister know they have one great mommy!

As I drove home, listening to music from the 80's (something I do a lot these days), I thought of each of them. I prayed for them, that they got where they needed to go safely, and that their lives continue to bring them all the good and wonderful things they've gathered so far. It would be easy to feel inferior to all the accomplishments, I didn't finish college and never did pursue my career dream. I do believe the old me would have ruminated on that, rather than be happy knowing I married a beautiful, wonderful man and am blessed with three healthy children.

So now, as I drove home (these are my new Rocket Dog shoes!), away from small town life and back into the congested four lane traffic I dread, I felt something very different. I was so proud of them. They're not my family, and I certainly had no hand in how their lives turned, but I'm so very proud of what they do, the incredible people they grew to be. I hope, as I continue my efforts to connect with those who touched me in a positive way, that I continue to find my friends content in what they've done and where they're going. Hope your day is blessed, friends, and I know you read this, I see the stats, so come out and say hello sometime. I promise I'll say hello! ~Stacey


Cat said...

Sounds like an awesome day with friends, I am jealous. I need to get together with my high school friends soon!
So a friend has a skin care line huh? hmmm think she would be interested in some Jewelry? LOL
Love Love LOve the shoes!!!

I am game for Lunch any day or time girl. I agree I need to get out!

Cat said...

I am so glad we got together! Look at us! We look like we have known eachother for years! You are so Cute! I can't wait to see you again, I will help you plant flowers if you want me too. Then you can come help me dig up all the clover I have in my flower beds. LOL

calamity kim said...

I have some rocket dawgs! They are very comfy! Thanks for listing me! I will add you to my blog..