Feb 26, 2007

After three days trying to figure this blog thing out, I think I've got it! So....here goes. I don't believe in creating my blog I mentioned my family in detail. I'm married 18 years to John, the only man in the world who would ever put up with my crazy, sometimes impulsive ideas and encourage me to pursue them! I have three children, Nicole 17, Cody 15 and Alexander 9. Back in my young mommy days, I really thought the middle of the night feedings were one of the hardest things I'd have to do as a parent, that and keep them from sloshing their hands around the toilet, eating the dog's food and standing in the front door shouting sweet "hi"s from the other side of the storm door--naked.

Yes, those were trying times, and I thought I was free and clear until....you know it, teenagers have magically appeared upon our doorstep. I'm not even going to elaborate on the difficult situations that sometimes present themselves to my husband and myself! :)

The rest of this day I'll spend with a cloth and mop in hand, undoing the weekend doings, and thinking up new craft ideas. Sit me down before all my fabrics and all my craft books and magazines, I blank! I did complete an apron, I'm keeping this one for myself. Being a Tab addict (my day isn't complete without at least one hot pink, cold Tab in my hand), I love Coke. Aprons are one of my more recent passions, I stumbled upon some online and began sewing and haven't stopped! I understand why the strong comeback. Lately as I peruse blogs and chat with my friends, I've seen more often women just like myself, who, if able to, are taking back their aprons and proudly declaring their status of married mom staying home. So I'm in good company!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Wow I am the first honouree to post! So glad you came by my blog to visit so I could find you! This blog thing is something isn't it? Love your apron...I too collect them! I only have 3 so far..found of course thrifting. Lots of fun! I actually got one on my 9 yr. old son the other day when we baked cookies. YES.....I took pics. Boy will he be sorry...because I scrapbook too. Will be back often to visit! cherry

calamity kim said...

Congratulations on starting your blog! It helps to have a "room of your own" to sit and sift through the remains of the day...thanks for coming over and visiting me- good luck with your journey! It helps, when learning to paint, to pracise, but also top see it in your mind before ever picking up the brush. Some good books are out there also to help you learn to draw like Drawing on the Right side of the brain and just start! Don't think you can't. Know that you can and just do it. Often people are their own worst critics and are too afraid to let go and just try. You are brave and you are strong so just be fearless and do it sistah! I am going to a yarn shop today and beg someone to teach me how to knit because I don't know how- I can do just about everything except knit!!! Have fun and enjoy it I say- there's something about your 40's that teaches you it's ok to slow down a bit and relax...Welcome to The Land of Blog!!!