Sep 15, 2008

Rally Time!

Okay before you give up and decide I didn't REALLY go to the McCain/Palin rally here in Lee's Summit, here are the pictures! Alex and I went with our friend, Kristy (in the pink, isn't she adorable?). We stood in line for a few hours, endured the off and on drizzle that destroyed my hair (why is my hair the first to go?), only to hear we likely wouldn't get into the Pavilion. So....we could turn and go home or head over to the overflow where we McCain and Palin would step out and say hello.

So...hanging out at the overflow, we ran into another dear friend of ours, Elaine (shown here on the left). We also saw our church's youth pastor, but I turned my head and pretended not to notice. He's pretty liberal, I wasn't really wanting to be standing with him when he started shouting "Jesus for President!". I opted to stand by the moms with their children belting out "Drill baby Drill!" Pathetic, I know.

Here we are....rain hair and still smiling! The button is where it is because the coffee that didn't make it to my mouth while I was trudging two miles to the line was where it was.

Okay I need a new camera. My camera sucks. This is actually the best one I have! I labeled them for you...they really weren't very far away. But my camera sucks. Did I say that already?

This is a local anchorman in Kansas City on the right. He was interviewing this lady...I know her but cannot place her face, which is driving me nuts! And that's me behind them waving hello. Of course! No worries, the camera wasn't on me, I didn't ruin the shot. Are you kidding? Look at those bangs...I wouldn't show those on the news!

Okay ending this photo tour with this fella. Recognize him? He's Carl Cameron of Fox News. I drag Alex over there because how cool is this? He gets to see a face on national news in person! We edged closer and closer and realized he was on the phone and he was TICKED OFF at whoever was on the other end. F bombs were dropping all over the place. not the sweet little wisp of a fella with the endearing crooked teeth and slightly large ears. I'll never look at Carl in quite the same light again. He's an F Bomb dropping, Red Bull drinking meanie reporter. Sigh. So...there it is. I'm off to get the laundry folded. John's headed to Birmingham and I need to hang out with him awhile.

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D... said...

You nut! I love the pic of you waving to your camera, not the news camera. ;) Very much YOU.

I'm glad you labeled the peeps! Could you hear what they were saying?

Tammy said...

What ya look as hot as ever!!! Love ya girl!

Sandi McBride said...

I love me some Sarah Palin! I loved John McCain for many reasons and many years, but Sarah just sets him aglow, doesn't she? Great welcome back for me!

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

Well, at least you got to go. Our trip to the Obama/Clinton rally got messed up thanks to hubby's work :(

You look MAH VELOUS, woman!

Bubba's Sis said...

Isn't it sad when you see someone you admire reduced to such levels? I hope Alex wasn't too disappointed - a good lesson in "even the people on TV are human".

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Girl you were cracking me up waving while that interview was going on...LOL!!

And that F-bomb dropping newsanchor...LOLOLOLOL!