Jun 26, 2008

Memphis Shots for JenGi

Okay okay I'm done giving JenGi a difficult time. She was, after all, very nice to her garage salers this weekend, that's got to be worth something!

I'm not sure what, but I haven't felt 100% all week long, I think just fatigue. I don't sleep well away from home, I'm sure that's part of it. Here are a few of the Memphis photos I wanted to share. Our booth took first prize in the decorating category, I'm tickled with that. We had a last minute change up in the decorations, so I had Cody make some musical notes on canvas and we attached some instruments, added a Beale Street sign and voila! Of course, the chocolate chip cookies probably had something to do with it, I concede. I only wanted mints (which we had as well) and Chuck, our pastor/friend wanted the cookies. We were dubbed the cookie booth and folks from all over came by to grab ridiculously huge fistfuls of cookies that were for sure just for them, despite protests a cookie to munch on!

Booth--cookies on your left, mints on your right!

We heard we needed to dine at Rendezvous--here's Chuck, clearly happy I'm taking his photo right after dinner, can you tell? Personally I think I'm about to be fired from the promotion team, but I can argue this is promotion, right?
Me and Alex in front of Elvis' car (I came home with a scarf touched by Elvis, btw).

John looking adorable in front of a gift shop.

We had a few surprises...while at the rivers edge one night, Alex picked up a piece of driftwood and carried it around a bit. Until he suddenly dropped it, shrieking snake snake! He was about to put the wood on his head (don't ask, I didn't) when he saw it...it was a little copperhead something something something. He seriously dodged a bullet there, thank goodness!

Our feet at the river:

Standard bathroom convention photo, clearly 2nd day because I wore pink on Day 1 (see Columbia convention for reference):
We had a SWAT bust on the eighth floor of our hotel, the hotel our pastor booked not realizing there were paintings of naked women on the walls, on the ceiling, all over the lobby. What floor were we on you ask? Eight, of course! Several hours later we emerged from our rooms to get to the convention and I was able to snap these photos as I left.

And THAT is what I've been up to. I'm fixin to finish up the PowerPoint for Sunday, but then....then....let the summertime fun begin! Swimming, being with my friends (including a trip to Springfield to see JenGi and Ms. Aunt Bea---Mist, wanna come?).

PS--it's just the right time to jump into MiracleWord.net, we're in Psalms and it's kind of laid back right now. I'll send you a pickle WITH a Pringle if you sign up in the forums and say hey. And I'll also thrown in a guarantee--these folks will bless your socks right off, really they will. If they don't, I'll send you two pickles to that one Pringle.

PPS--it's Misty's birthday today...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Holy crap..how exciting! I bet Alex was eating that SWAT thing up.

Yea! A bathroom shot! I was afraid you might forget....

Hey...go get some sleep. I'll call ya later.

D... said...

Loving the pictures, especially the SWAT ones. And the river ones, whew that Alex is ok. How did you like the Rendezvous? That's one of THE places to eat & I've only eaten there a handful of times. Like, maybe, once.

Congrats on the booth! It is sharp!

Get some rest!

Bubba's Sis said...

Fun fun fun! Way to get in on that SWAT action there!

Get rest, sweetie!

Tammy said...

Those SWAT pictures are scary! I would have peed my pants. Ummmm...got any cookies left???

Bubba's Sis said...

Got some lovin' for you over at my blog - come and get it!

Mrs. C said...

LOL Well, I guess you guys know how to partay! The people the SWAT team came for coulda used some MiracleWord to cure what ailed 'em!

Did you get a picture of your embarrassed pastor near the naked ladies? Huh?

Otherwise looks like a lotta fun!!!

Misty Dawn said...

DUDE!!!!! You had quite the action packed adventure heheheh

Do I wanna come? Dang! - I totally wish I could - I can't imagine how much fun we would have *sigh*

Thanks for the birthday wishes, my friend. I'm so sorry I haven't been blog hopping lately. I think I'll e-mail you to fill you in on everything, rather than send you one of my famous comment-novels.