May 28, 2007

Field Day and a Bit of Trivia!

I was going through the Field Day pics I took of Alex (I love that jump on the right!) and I'm cracking up on the sidelines as I watch him crouch over about to begin the serious! Anyway, got to photo of him running with that determined Alex Face (it was very hard not to just to squeeze him and kiss his little face all over, but I stayed my Mommy Distance).

So....back to my thought...I'm a child of the 70's really. I was born in the late 60's, did most of my early childhood in the 70's and graduated in the late 80's. Looking at the Alex running photo here, I was thinking you are definitely a child of the 70's if you know who Joey was and why Joey was running.

My sister Jamee, our neighbor, Jamie, and I would sleepover at each other's houses on Friday nights and re-enact that song over and over again. Jamee and Jamie usually got the hairbrush microphones and I would run in place (ever the resident tomboy), my arms pumping furiously as I dashed for my life. And when the last "Daddy please don't" was sung, all three of us felt her pain, falling to our knees in our I Dream of Jeanne pajamas, arms reaching up, then falling limp as we graciously laid on the ground. Oh, we were that good.


Cat said...

Boy he sure does look determined in that pic! What a cutie!!!

How was your day?

Girl Gone Wild said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard at your re-enactment of that song! My girlfriend and I was just as passionate about every. single. song from Grease. And of course Debi Boone's You Light Up My Life!