May 30, 2007

Back To The Grind

Well it was great fun while it lasted---I'm back to work. I've been off since the beginning of February, so it was a grand little break! I consider myself extremely blessed that I can work from home, though, so I'm here for the kids (and to maintain my blog...shh). I might have liked a little longer break than a few months--but the work is good right now, so 'twas a good time to jump into the fray. And....when my coordinator emailed me and asked how much I wanted, I boldy replied, "lay it on". So........she did. Triple my definition of 'laying it on'. I suspect a secret "Stacey Test" here..see if my return will be triumphant! It shall be, but I'm not sure I'll have time to even put on clean clothes until Friday afternoon!

I've spent the greater part of my day deciphering new formats and clicking away on the keyboard. All ya'll out there waiting to hear if you won a shopping spree at a major retailer (I can't name, hence my top secret position here) or are awaiting your sales flyer with valuable coupon from another major retailer (I can't name), I'm working on it, I'm working! Geesh...talent and perfection like this takes time...and I am dedicated to the correct spelling of each name, email address, street, city and zip....oh, and phone number where applicable. Sometimes DOB, sometimes married or not, sometimes what meds you take or don't. Now you have it.... I've outted my very scientific, super-secret and complicated job. It's fascinating, I know; rest assured I'm all about quick, yet correct. I didn't get those typing medals in HS for nothing, you know.

Now that I've come out of the data entry closet .....I'm nervous about this darned blog---WHAT IF I SPELL SOMETHING RAUNG? Will I lose credibility? Will you who see my error think of me as a failure from here on? I worry....

>>>My Best This Kinda Sucks, Kinda, Look:

PS--It is not lost on me that I received seven to eight times more comments on Louie or the cats--what's with that?


pinks & blues girls said...

Back to work! At least you had some great time off!! You really want to make us dig for more info on your job, huh!? Haha!!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Bubba's Sis said...

I need a job like that - something I can do from home. In my pajamas if I like. That pays me good money.

No, not a prostitute.

Funky Art Queen said...

OK you gotta tell us what you do. We all want to be at home! Yuk...I have to go and get ready for work! You lucky Dawg!

Cat said...

You have not slacked off on me friend. I had planned on going yesterday without you! but with the rain, and Matt not feeling very good, We didn't go. But at least Greg went.
You will do fine girl friend, I am in Awe of your typing medals. ;)

Girl Gone Wild said...

Wow...I didn't realize people compete for typing medals! Is this a U.S. thing or a Gidget thing?! (love ya!)

I'm getting ready to start working from home myself. I just need to make the final phone call to say, "Lay it on me" I've just enjoyed NOT doing anything for too long. Thanks for the motivation!

Girl Gone Wild said...

My exciting job...well, it's supposed to be optimizing websites (you know...making sure, when G*ogled, they stay at the top of the list), but I have a feeling it's quickly going to upgrade to design and maintain. Which is ok...just didn't want to put that much into it. See...exciting...NOT.

Cherry said...

Looks like a tough job for me. But good luck for you :). But the best part is that it's doable from home.